Seer Aduio NX-10 help Hunan TV Divas hit the road seaon II meeting

view:200 times Date:2015-09-21

 Divas hit the road season is Hunan TV on April 25,2015 every Saturday original star sister and brother self-help travel reality show .The program all the audio by the Seer audio NX-10 line array speaker escort.  The eight single 10” line array speaker NX-10 as the main amplification. Mating use two NX-18D active subwoofer.  In the long-term unremitting efforts, Seer audio has been widely used in large activities, multimedia, music hall, theatre, live show, meeting room, big stadium and so on. Now, we are the Hunan TV sound equipment Partner!<a href="">summer fashion shoes t-shirts casual style women trendy sexy</a>