Seer Audio introduced the first AM series monitor in the 2000’s, Now develop to TR series coaxial monitor series. The stage monitors are capable of generating exceedingly high SPL’s with a minimum of distortion. They are housed in contemporary styled, camera friendly cabinets of lightweight, yet exceedingly robust construction and are eminently suitable for any reference situation. The performer is therefore, free to move over a wide area without hearing significant changes in frequency or SPL. Seer Audio Monitor – still the definitive reference to which others aspire.

Frequency response                         60Hz ×20KHz

Directivity angle                                 H90°× V50°

Long-term power(RMS)                     400W

Peak Power Handling                        800W

Impedance                                         8 ohms

Sensitivity                                          96dB

Maximum SPL                                   125dB

Connection                                        2×NL 4 Speakon

Enclosure Construction                    15-Birch Plywood

Dimensions(H x W x D)                     

Low(Neodymium)                              12 IN×1(310mm)

High(Neodymium)                              3 IN×1(75mm)

N.W.                                                   20Kg