Seer Audio active compounding speaker system, which is took our outstanding acoustic and electronic engineersmore than two years todevelop high-class audio system, These professional active speakers include PA series.

The active speaker system is a complete sound solution consisting of a subwoofer with multifunction amplifier mo dules, two-microphone input, and Reverb function ,distortion-free. Its perfect system configuration ,Its convenience and easy of handing, it adaptsto a wide range of application areas.

Frequency respones:               65Hz-20KHz

Directivity angle:                       H90°×V45°

Impedance:                              4 ohms

Long-term power(RMS):        300W

Power peak:                            600W/5Min

Sensitivity:                               96dB(2.83v/m)

Maximun SPL:                          120dB

Dimensions(H×W×D):              375×300×605mm

Low :                                       12 IN×1(310mm)

High:                                        2 IN×1(44mm)

N.W.                                         14.85kg

Power:                                     AC220V/50Hz-60Hz