KTV series speaker is for KARAOKE speakers, new drivers and active equalization help reproduce vocals and musical instruments with improved smoothness and warmth at low or high volumes, from live or recorded music. A full line of brackets and stands further accommodates to a wide variety of configurations.



Frequency Response:                                                45Hz-20KHz

Directivity Angle:                                                           --------------------

Impedance :                                                                  4 ohms

Long-term Power(RMS):                                              180W

Power Peak :                                                                360W/5Min

Sensitivity :                                                                    93dB(2.83v/m)

Maximum SPL :                                                             109dB

Connection :                                                                  2×NL 4 speakon

DimensionsH×W×D):                                                     310×545×330mm

Low :                                                                               8 IN×2(260mm)

High:                                                                               3 IN×2(100mm)

N.W. :                                                                              12kg