LT-II series pay attention on high and mid frequency. The high frequency timbre is caear and inviting, mid frequency is powerful and sweet, low frequency is strong. It can combine with SUB series subwoofer speaker if the area need a very low frequency, the sound effect will be more perfect.

LT-II  series ensure that all the audients enjoy the best audio effect in a great deal of big place.


Frequency Response:                                                50Hz-20KHz

Directivity Angle:                                                           H90°×V75°

Impedance :                                                                  4 ohms

Long-term Power(RMS):                                              800W

Power Peak :                                                                1600W/5Min

Sensitivity :                                                                    103dB(2.83v/m)

Maximum SPL :                                                             125dB

Connection :                                                                   2×NL 4 speakon

DimensionsH×W×D):                                                    1312×465×520mm

Low :                                                                               15 IN×2(380mm)

High:                                                                                2 IN×1(44mm)

N.W. :                                                                               52kg