The BF Series is an integrated ultra-compact package, designed to fulfil the need for high performance installed sound in pubs, bars, restaurants, retail outlets, conference facilities, post production suites, theatre, educational institutions, places of worship, museums and exhibition center. The seven full range BF Series loudspeakers are complemented by four dedicated, high power sub-bass enclosures, ranging from the ultra-compact BF-8 to the very high power BF-215. The precise acoustical performance, style and ease of installation of the BF Series will provide the contractor with all the answers in a single package.

Frequency Response:                          65Hz-20KHz

Directivity Angle:                                   H90°×V50°

Impedance :                                          8 ohms

Long-term Power(RMS):                       250W

Power Peak :                                        500W/5Min

Sensitivity :                                           95dB(2.83v/m)

Maximum SPL :                                     120dB

Connection :                                         2×NL4 speakon

DimensionsH×W×D):                            550×370×325mm

Low :                                                    10 IN×1(260mm)

High:                                                     2 IN×1(44mm)

N.W. :                                                   17kg